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Audit Representation

Other CPA Firms or Tax Return Preparers often refer their clients to us in the event of an audit. We think this speaks highly of the level of confidence the professional community has in our ability to represent their client who is being audited. Others who are being audited find us because they know someone who has used our service in the past. Some find us through a present client of ours who refers them to us.

It is very rare for one of our clients (a client for whom we have prepared tax returns) to be audited. We are very conscientious of not allowing “red flags” to cause our clients’ returns to be selected for audit. Even though there is a chance that one of our clients may be selected for audit because of the IRS’s random selection process, IRS selects most of the returns they audit because of something on the return that causes them to be curious enough to want to audit the return. We handle audits for many clients who have “self prepared” their returns. The IRS seems to “pick on” these type returns. I think there is a perception by the IRS that these “self preparers” are unknowledgeable and prime targets for audit adjustments.



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