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Tax Return Preparation and Accounting Support

We prepare tax returns for small business and individual clients, taking aggressive but defensible positions on their tax returns to maximize their savings in tax dollars and minimizing their chance of being audited by the IRS. For our small business clients, we focus on finding their best tax strategy according to their unique position in the small business arena. Some need to be a Sole-Proprietorship. Others need to incorporate. We advise our corporate clients whether they should be a regular “C corporation” or an “S corporation.” These answers vary according to various factors that exist in their businesses.

Some of our clients like for their tax status to be tracked throughout the year so that when tax filing time comes there will be no surprises regarding the amount of tax due. We provide this service to avoid large underpayments or large overpayments of tax once the tax return is prepared after year end.

We also help some of our clients with their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Typically these clients have no help in their office or they only have clerical or administrative help. We customize our support to their needs. Examples of our support services for these clients are (1) bill paying, (2) entering the client’s information into QuickBooks, (3) bank reconciliations, (4) preparing payroll tax reports, (5) reviewing the accounting entries that they have entered into QuickBooks and (5) other customized services. With our support in this area they eliminate the need for experienced accounting employees on their payroll.


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